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National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

Contact Staff

If you would like immediate help, please call 1-800-273-TALK (8255).

If you need to contact the staff with questions not listed in our FAQ, please call or e-mail the appropriate person on the list below.

For questions regarding overall project administration:

John Draper, PhD
Project Director

For questions regarding complaints, network practice standards, follow-up, suicide prevention and intervention trainings:

Gillian Murphy, PhD
Director of Standards, Training and Practices

For questions regarding suicide prevention online, social media, media partnerships, and press inquiries:

Martin Blair
Senior Director of Marketing and Communications

For questions regarding telephone routing technology, call volume data and trends, operations, and the Lifeline website:

Bob Kessler
Directory of Information Technology

For questions regarding the Lifeline network, network membership requirements and benefits, and information on national accreditation organizations accepted by Lifeline, VA Partnership:

Carole Ludwig, MS
Assistant Director of Network Operations

For questions regarding the Network Resource Center and network membership development:

Shari Sinwelski
Associate Director of Quality Improvement

For questions about collaborating or developing partnerships:

Marshall Ellis, MPA
Associate Project Director

For all other inquiries:

Sheila Speller
Executive Assistant